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Thai Traditional Medicine & Cannabis in Thailand

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The traditional Thai approach to medicine has always been underlined by a deep connection to holistic remedies. As you might know from our recent introduction to the topic, Thailand has consistently explored the use of natural substances to ease the mind and body. Now, as cannabis has emerged as a legalized substance for both medical and recreational purposes, many practitioners are advancing their work out of the shadows through the medicinal powers of this wonderful plant. 

When traveling the streets of Bangkok, Phuket, or any of the popular destinations across Thailand, the array of cannabis dispensaries is impossible to miss. This is great news for connoisseurs of the plant who seek its effects and community. But this experience isn’t limited to the recreational high that a lot of smokers seek.

Medical Cannabis Dispensaries in Thailand 

Some major dispensaries are doing incredible work around the medical benefits of cannabis, and we want to take some time to highlight these Thai businesses. We believe that all Thai cannabis is medicinal, in large part due to the storied history that ganja has within traditional medicine here. So let’s explore a couple of cannabis dispensaries in Thailand that are spearheading the continued development of cannabis as medicine. 

DR. Dope
This medical cannabis dispensary has quickly popped up on our radar due to their strong focus on the synergy between cannabis and the internal endocannabinoid system. Their ability to provide insight on cannabis’ impact on mood, memory, sleep, pain and beyond, differentiates them from others in the space.

Customers that enter their shop can feel confident that the Dr. Dope staff is informed and up to date on cannabis research and how to safely incorporate the herb into your daily life. This is due to their focus on education and the need to remain open to cannabis as a medical solution. 

Greenhead Clinic
By their own definition, “Greenhead Clinic is a Thai traditional medical clinic registered legally for the use of hemp and cannabis in health care.” The medical dispensary boasts over 20 locations, and is home to some of the country’s leading practitioners in the realm of cannabis. When dropping into any of their locations, customers can expect to find the full range of cannabis products and services available. 

As a leader of medical cannabis, the team at Greenhead Clinic is always ready to advise on cannabis-based solutions. Their team of experts provides information on the flower’s intended medicinal uses, and how to cater the medicine to a patient’s specific needs. 

Kana Pure
Another brand at the forefront of medical cannabis in Thailand is Kana Pure. This chain of medical cannabis dispensaries has become known for its supremely knowledgeable budtenders and their attention to detail when assisting customers in their selection of medical grade products.

Both new and experienced smokers can feel comfortable when visiting Kana Pure. Their award winning genetics and imported nutrients ensure products are free of contaminants, aflatoxins and other carcinogens.

How to Find Weed Safely in Thailand

There are a range of cannabis users, and each person has their own expectations and needs. A major part of cannabis consumption is gaining an understanding of the product being consumed. Some users seek budtenders with encyclopedic knowledge of the plant, while others have no expectations of gaining insight from cannabis sales staff.

This spectrum of expectations raises an interesting conversation around health and safety. Not every consumer makes the best choices for themselves, and having an informed budtender can drastically change a new user’s experience. Practitioners and budtenders at qualified medical clinics bring a depth of insight that can help users find the right flower, edible, or concentrate that will deliver truly needed medical benefits.


While some people may use cannabis for medicinal purposes to help alleviate symptoms of certain conditions, others may use it recreationally without fully understanding its effects. Treating all cannabis consumers within a clinical context ensures that they receive the proper guidance and education about how to use cannabis safely and effectively.

The Department of Thai Traditional Medicine has recognized the medicinal properties of cannabis. This is a huge step forward in legitimizing cannabis as a medicinal substance and shows that it has the potential to help people in a clinical setting.

Treating all cannabis consumers within a clinical context can help to reduce the stigma surrounding the use of cannabis. By providing a safe and supportive environment for people to use cannabis, we can help to break down the negative stereotypes and myths that have been associated with it for so long.

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