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Amnesia Haze 

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Amnesia Haze a.k.a Happy thoughts and inspiration.

When I hear strains ending with Haze, I automatically think of my friends from the East Coast, mentioning all the different hazes and how the “haze” strains are easily found in Thailand. I’m not much of a haze person, but I like me some Amnesia Haze every now and then; the last time I had Amnesia Haze, I was sitting on the rooftop of Fat Buds over on Sathorn with my best friend, David. He’d bagged himself a few 2-gram bags of his sativa selection, one of those 2-gram bags was Amnesia Haze. After bogarting David’s Amnesia Haze joint for a few minutes, I felt like I was the one doing all the talking, a mild rush of energy like when you take your first breath of air and suddenly your head clears up and you become extra focused, that’s what Amnesia Haze is like for me.

Origin story

Amnesia Haze popularized by being able to be found at any coffeeshop in Amsterdam, it is  a cross breed between a Jamaican sativa and Laotian sativa with the Indica dominant Afghan Hawaiian,  is one of the most well known Sativa dominant hybrids, with 80% Sativa and 20% Indica. Amnesia Haze was the Cannabis Cup winner in 2004 and in 2012 won first place at the Sativa Cup. The perfect ratio of 80:20 Sativa to indica, makes Amnesia Haze ideal for those who like to have daytime smoke, especially if it involves spending a day at the beach.

Why is it good for you

As mentioned earlier, Amnesia Haze is a sativa dominant strain, with the common effects including uplifted mood, but what are other health benefits that Amnesia Haze has to offer?

One of the medicinal properties that Amnesia Haze has is curing depression, migraines, anxiety, as well as offering some pain relief. I personally like Amnesia Haze because it gives me a creative thinking process making it relaxing for me to work.

Amnesia Haze From Writer’s Experience in Thailand

With the backdrop of legalization in Thailand, I am able to have access to different strains. Amnesia Haze is one of them, and for me personally, Amnesia Haze’s effects on the body and mind benefitted me, I my mood changed. I felt creative when I worked after having a few hits of Amnesia Haze in the morning before work, plus a slight pain relief on my neck, if Amnesia Haze’s status as the winner of the 2004 Cannabis Cup and winner of the 2012 Sativa cup is enough to convince you why Amnesia Haze is a great sativa hybrid, then how about as an alternative medicine to citalopram and sertraline, two mental health medication used to treat depression and anxiety.

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