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Apple Blossom

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Effects of The Plant on The Reviewer

This Apple Blossom bud is a great go-to for experienced cannabis users still reaching for a real euphoric event. The invisible hand of the THC slaps the back of your head and aims you in the direction of intense states of high energy, engaged pro-social bliss. The risk associated with this strain is becoming a chatterbox. (No when not to share every THC-inspired thought that your receptors generate and transmit to your conscious mind.)

Human Encounter

·         Smells Floral and bright

·         Feels Firm but not brittle. Can partially open without breaking

·         Appears Golden brown with dark greens.

·         Tastes Cinnamon and mellow. Sweet aftertaste.

Plant Bio

·         Balanced Hybrid

·         Grower: Terpie Garden, Bangkok

·         Type of Grow: Indoor

·         THC 26% – 30%

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