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Full Gas

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Full Gas

Human Encounter

  • Smells sour and slightly spicy
  • Feels firm and fibrous. If you flick it onto a hard surface, it will make a noise.
  • Appears a dark hazel with faint lines of light grey and dark green
  • Tastes super smooth and easy to toke. Regular users can smoke this throughout the day and night with little fear of throat irritation. Pleasure in a 1-hit bong.

Plant Bio

  • Sativa
  • Grower: Green House Thailand
  • Type of Grow: Glasshouse
  • Genetics: Cookies
  • THC: 19%
  • Retailer: DR. Green (Asoke)

Effects Of The Plant on This Human

Cognitive capacity increases almost immediately. Physiologically, the impact was a desire to luxuriate. Not necessarily locked on the couch, but eager to stay still and examine new visions and ideas. If I want to sleep and I stay aware of this desire for dreamland, the plant listens and pulls me along as I drift off into a starry night. 

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