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A Blast of Tom Yum Kush

2 Mins read

STRAIN TYPE: Sativa Dominant Hybrid

Cultivator: Phuket High

Retailer: Phuket High

THC: 17.3%


A spicy and herbal flavor with hints of lemongrass. Smooth smoke and robust mouth feel.

The Tom Yum Kush packs a punch, with delicious flavors that quickly transform into a nice cognitive high. More mental than physical, this strain is great for day time creativity or night time social gatherings. 


Two bowls smoked out of a medium sized glass bong, shared around a table with friends. 


The high was nearly immediate after the puff from the bong sent a direct shot to my dome. More mental stimulus than physical, with inspiration coming in waves. 


After a tasty americano from local Phuket gem, KenKen Coffee, I sat down with the owner of Phuket High for a puff of his strain, Tom Yum Kush. We decided to pack a bong with this flower, all looking for a powerful high from this cannabis cup contestant. Sharing a smoke with friends is a surefire way to elevate the mood and tap into each other’s positivity. 

After two big rips from the bong, the high was immediate. A rapid rush to the head sent me into orbit, as the high overtook my mind before any strong physical effects were felt. A warm and comforting focus came to the center of my eyes. Typically my afternoon strain preference is a lighter sativa, and Tom Yum definitely pushed me a bit further…in the best of ways. 

The cognitive high transitioned into a physical weightlessness, now slowing down my thoughts as opposed to accelerating them like moments earlier. Visual movements seemed more pronounced as my mind was moving slower than my eyes. Registering data slowly.

As the smoking came to an end, my mind wandered to the day of work that lay ahead of me and how I could utilize the effects of the Tom Yum to my creative advantage. Navigating through a whirlwind of mental stimulus, I found a comfortable place to work and tap into my high. I was able to make a nice dent in some deep work, but occasionally the peaks of my high would blast me off into a new train of thought. When I noticed my mind wandering, it wasn’t too hard to touch ground and return to the present moment. 

Overall, the Tom Yum was a blast of both flavor and creativity, providing  mental stimulation for the work I set out to achieve that day. What started as a social smoke session with friends, naturally transitioned into a productive day fueled by the god plant. 

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