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Highland 420 Festival: Everything You Need To Know

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Key Takeaways

  • Thailand has a group of cannabis activists promoting the legalization and decriminalization of cannabis such as the Highland organization.
  • Highland held several 420-themed events called “Thailand 420 Festival” and this year is their 9th time.
  • 420 is a secret code for cannabis smoking that originated from 5 Californian high school students in 1971.
  • 420 later on represented a “Weed Day” where people celebrate cannabis smoking. 


Loud music is playing, the euphoric smell of someone lighting up a joint spread all over the place, and people are going wild with smiles on their faces, that’s when you realize the Green party has started. And by Green party, I didn’t mean about eco-friendly thingy. I mean that “420 Green” – iykyk.

Get to Know Highland 420 Festival

HIGHLAND, a cannabis advocacy group, is the one to start this biggest and longest 420-themed festival to celebrate Weed Day in Thailand. This year, they bring back the festival for its 9th year on June 8th and 9th of 2024 for the 2nd anniversary of legalization celebration. 

The epic festival will be held on the sky-high 6th floor of JJ Mall, Chatuchak from 4 PM to 12 AM. Enjoy a familiar atmosphere filled with joy, giggles, freedom, and unwavering friendship at the vibrant vibes of both indoor and outdoor areas. This year they’re going all out with two live music performance stages, more than 10 workshops, and the return of last year’s popular hidden underground DJs zone with over 100 brand booths and food, of course! Can’t forget about food!

Main Stage Line Up

June 8th, 2024:

  • KIKI
  • Phum Viphurit
  • The Paradise Bangkok Molam International Band
  • T-Bone

June 9th, 2024:

  • TOFU
  • ปลานิลเต็มบ้าน (Pla Nin Tem Barn)
  • Zweed n’ Roll
  • SLUR
  • Srirajah Rockers

The Red Room (DJ) Line Up

June 8th, 2024:

  • SlowlyGreen
  • Joseph K
  • Anika

June 9th, 2024:

  • Kornlee
  • DJ Zombie
  • Jirus

**Participants must be 20 years old or above**

1-DAY Pass: 1,000 THB

2-DAY Pass: 1,500 THB

Get your tickets: HERE

Decoding 420: What is it?

420 or four twenty is a code that originated from 5 high schoolers in South California in 1971 called the Waldos. One day, the Waldos had a mission to find a cannabis farm. They set up a time to meet each other at 4:20 pm right in front of the statue of Louis Pasteur located inside their school, San Rafael, by using ‘420’ from the meeting time as a secret code. Subsequently, 420 was widely used as a secret code for smoking cannabis in California, and not so long after, it was used all over the United States. 

After some time, April 20th (420) of every year has become a day of celebration for cannabis smoking started in North America, and then extended to all across the Americas. In the Green Rush era (2012 until present), a period when the movement of cannabis legalization occurred, and later on, code 420 was elevated to become a “Weed Day” until the present.

History of 420 Day in Thailand 

The 420 Day or Weed Day in Thailand is when the Confederation of Cannabis for the People together with other activists promote the movement of cannabis decriminalization in Thailand. Mentioning the freedom of cannabis possession as well as those with severe medical conditions who need prescribed medical cannabis for their treatments, it led to 3 demands:

  1. Permission for all forms of cannabis use by patients and patients must be able to grow and extract medicine to treat themselves.
  2. Cancel the ministerial regulations based on the 1979 Act, allowing Thai people to grow plants for sale and develop varieties.
  3. Define roles and responsibilities, set up a central unit to manage and control cannabis, and oversee and promote various access processes.


Mark your calendar and countdown your days to enjoy Thailand’s extraordinary weed festival, the Thailand 420 Festival by HIGHLAND this upcoming June 8th and 9th, 2024 at the 6th floor of JJ Mall, Chatuchak. You’ll be pleased by both indoor and outdoor areas with a hot lineup of artists for two live music performance stages and loads of fun activities such as workshops and markets of over 100 brands.

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