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Inside The Cannabox Roadhouse: Thai Cannabis Supply Chains

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A Photo Essay About Cannabox’s Summer Series of Cannabis Enlightenment Round 2—Thai Cannabis Supply Chains Joined By Thought Leaders of the Industry

9/16/23, From 3 till midnight

Part 1: Networking in the light of day and a CBD workshop

When the cannabis community rolls in, a special register is set up to handle the rush. Here an amazing member of the MonkeyPod team gets ready for action.

The CEO of The Budtender Academy chats with an interested educator.

Underrated or overrated? One-on-one, attendee-to-sponsor, face-to-face relationships started and nurtured in the fresh air with no time limits except for workshops and panels.

This pair had not arrived together yet, they shared a drink and intimate exchange before the panel at sunset.

The Rock. Do you have someone in your outfit whom everyone considers to be the ultimate in dependability and in taking initiative to help the project along? Meet Yok, The Rock @ Cannabox.

It’s 3 o’clock on a Saturday and the irregular crowd shuffles in.

Miniature gourmet gummies for the discriminating pallet. 

The fine and charming proprietors of MonkeyPod, what we affectionately call the Cannabox’s Roadhouse. A truly dazzling couple. 

Do you think you know of a Ganja dispensary shirt as stylish as this one from High Society? If so, we want to know about it. 

Poonwarit ‘Thames’ Wongpatravanich – President, Phuket Cannabis Association has identified and intends to investigate a jar of medical quality cannabis flower that has some of his favorite fragrances.

Managing Diretor, Cannabox ally and cannabis enthusiast, Andrew from the Stoned & Co. Seenspace in Thong Lor Bangkok.

They call him DR. CBD; the truth is that’s the name of his company, the largest of its kind in Thailand. His “other” name is  Pornchai Padmindra. He is also President of the TIHTA. His workshop on CBD gripped the crowd and forced them to think about the vast potential of cannabis medicine. 

New friends, new ideas, new weed, and new products. And the sun hasn’t even set yet.

We can all stand to learn more about CBD, the compound in cannabis that does not get you high but can treat your stress, your sleeping issues and countless other problems stemming from an imbalanced endocannabinoid system. 

CBD makes this attendee laugh.

Awesome dispensary shirt watch. Siam Green Cannabis Co, is putting some heat on High Society.

A chance to chill and tie up loose networking ends between the workshop and the panel. 

Here is the chap that every event team imagines – in real life!

Perhaps the most experienced event planners in Bangkok. We were honored.

Look – here he is again! Not missing a word. Love this guy! And no, he was not a plant!

Woman with iridescent hair walking by iridescent Meds debut booth. 

The CEO of the new startup Thai Budtender Academy, takes a break from her booth that has had curious cannabis people asking questions all day.

Cannabis consumers come in all shapes and sizes.

The Legend: P-Korn, partner of Phuket High, insists on being the point man at Cannabox events. “There is nothing better than having the time to listen to questions that cannabis lovers have. It helps me so much and I’m very grateful for the chance to connect with them.”

Monica Garcia, Founder, Cloud Eleven answers questions from the audience before the panel, where she intrigued the crowd with her insights into genetics and steps to take to become a more conscious cannabis consumer.

Gourmet chefs from Icarus, who get creative with cannabis in the kitchen brought plenty of samples. They gave so much food and gummies away!

The cannabis-curious are always warmly welcomed and are encouraged to make up their own minds about the impact of cannabis on society, their own wellness, and the wellness of those they love.

Your humble reporter chatting with  Mendel Menachem, Co-founder, High Thailand just before he was to speak on our panel on Thai Supply Chains.

It must be said that the array of innovative cannabis products on the Dr. CBD tables was nothing short of brilliant. 

“Wrap it up, we’ll take it!”

Part 2:  Experts discuss the supply chain of Thai Cannabis 

Yours truly introducing the panel on Thai Supply Chains On Overdrive.

A star-studded panel after sunset at the hideout. From left to right: Pornchai/ “Dr. CBD”; Poonwarit/ “Thames”; Monica Garcia; Mendel; Gurraw Sehgal, and me, Carl K Linn.

Gaurav Sehgal, Co-Founder & COO, Siam Green Cannabis Co Dispensaries

Dr. CBD was full of energy and ready to deliver more truth bombs on the panel after his workshop, about the growing number of positive medical outcomes of CBD.

The difference between a Cannabox happening and a convention center? How about listening laughing along and clapping for a panel of experts – while you enjoy your favorite refreshments with new friends as the evening breezes blow through the trees that surround you? 

Part 3: Cannabox After-Party at MonkeyPod

“I guess it’s over?” “Actually, we’re just getting warmed up.”

Night falls. 

“No, we don’t grow cannabis in boxes even though our name is Cannabox; we just deliver the best legal weed and cannabis products while bringing cannabis info you can’t find anywhere else.”

Night is the friend of architecture. 

Inside the Cannabox Roadhouse. Stylish, country-casual and partially air conditioned.

Final thought bubble: “I’m so glad that I’m not in a convention center right now.”

Thanks to everyone who was there and made the event the best so far. Stay tuned for the next one please. We’ll be back. 

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