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Taking a T break: Why a Cannabis Tolerance Break Might be Just What You Need

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John’s Altered Anecdotes

An Introspection on Taking a Tolerance break from Cannabis.

Almost every regular smoker takes a T-break a.k.a cannabis tolerance break every now and again. Occasionally you’ll meet someone so dedicated they have not deliberately taken a day off since their teenage years, but often this is actually an unhealthy relationship with cannabis. When adults are trusted with the option to choose to self prescribe cannabis, via knowledgeable sources, we can consciously develop our own personal relationship with the plant and the connection between our inner and outer world.

Cannabis is a feminine energy, she’s not called Maryjane for no reason! She helps you reach your inner world, she can make it more or less detailed and more or less comfortable, depending on many factors. This is why cannabis can make you feel very intense feelings as well as having intense thoughts. If something is not right in your inner world or outer world that you may have been subconsciously avoiding, cannabis often shows you various scenarios on how certain things should, or shouldn’t be. If you are resisting accepting or learning something, this phenomenon can be quite uncomfortable. 

For some people smoking becomes an escape from the world and we are able to avoid our problems by smoking. This could be interpreted as unhealthy as when we don’t smoke, our problems come right back up and we become irritable and uncomfortable with sober life. This could be because we are experiencing an unbalanced relationship with cannabis. 

On the other hand, this may be necessary, you may have experienced trauma that is so severe that you need to escape from the world for a while in order to process what happened to you by minimizing long term emotional scarring. 

With basic psychology becoming more and more mainstream, and the concept of independent wellness on the rise, legal cannabis use opens up a whole world for people to explore their inner worlds as trusted adult citizens. This trust actually allows people the peace to enter their inner worlds without the fear of being arrested and thrown in jail for trying to feel better. 

Trusting adults to learn about their own emotional and physical needs does have its risks. Some adults aren’t actually 100% sensible all the time. So they may end up smoking so much, even if they did find their answer, they forgot it before they knew it. 

This is why it’s a good idea to have a tolerance break from time to time. You need to let the spirit of cannabis remind you what help she is giving you. If you remain in the smoky green world 100% of the time there is a danger of losing a bit of sharpness, and a solid connection to the mundane. The pain of suffering mundanity is why many people, including me, smoke everyday. Yet somehow I find mundanity to be like your boring but reliable uncle that can really help you out sometimes. 

We are all familiar with the concept of ‘you can’t have day without night’ or ‘you can’t have warmth without cold’. Just like you can’t have ‘high’ without ‘sober’. Sobriety allows us to appreciate how cannabis makes us think and feel. We can actually gain more insights from our journey using the comparison between how we feel high, and how we feel sober. 

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About author
John is a Scottish life time cannabis devotee. He has been self prescribing for over a decade and has always supported the free use of Cannabis. He worked in various industries, but his work in the film and art industry gives him his discerning eye and creative pragmatism that he brings to the Cannabis industry.
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