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Welcome Friends of Herbal Medication and Cannabis in Thailand

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Cannabox is a community for anyone who is pro-herbal medication in Thailand. Cannabox delivers. And Cannabox educates. More on these benefits in a minute; first, let’s lay out the broader mission:

to set new and higher standards for information, education and delivery service to consumers in the Thai herbal sector that includes cannabis

Our platform brings together producers, retailers and consumers in the struggle to maintain herbal freedom in Thailand. Everyone on the core Cannabox team is passionate about Thai herbal and passionate about keeping legal reforms in place in Thailand. 

Join the movement to keep easy access to herbal medications in Thailand secure — and help others find the path to legal reforms, too. No cost. Browse inventory of dispensaries in your area on the Cannabox Smart Weed Delivery Service and expand your mind with Cannabox Town Hall.

The app is a dynamic seamless herb delivery system — from browsing, to ordering, to delivery from a local dispensary to your door.  Cannabox delivers fast and at any hour your dispensary of choice is open — in Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket.

While you’re there, poke your nose in our knowledge-base at Cannabox Town Hall. Familiarize yourself with cannabis essentials in our Library of The Herb. You’ll also find expert reviews of the latest strains from master growers in Thailand, reviews of the latest cannabis tools, samples of the most important popular cannabis science, and a wide variety of broadcasts on cannabis in Thailand by people on the ground, in the business, economic observers and consumers.

In addition, you’ll find comprehensive analysis of cannabis legal reforms in Thailand and what it means for producers and consumers here in Thailand and around the world. 

Freedom to choose your herbal meds that include cannabis is greater here in Thailand than anywhere else on earth. We are grateful for the opportunity to live through this era of new freedom and innovation and to support Thai over-the-counter herbal meds. 

We encourage you to join our community of friends of cannabis in Thailand. 

• Cannabox: Collaborate. Educate. Ruminate. Medicate. Radiate.

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I write the # 1 Newsletter for cannabis in Thailand. I call it Cannabis in Thailand. I'm crazy about Cannabis Policy Analysis, Weed Business, Popular Cannabis Science, Thai Cannabis Culture & Cannabis Tourism. I manage Town Hall as Cannabox CCO. Live in Phuket Thailand.
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