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Cannabox: Smart Weed Delivery Service in Thailand

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What is Cannabox?

Cannabox platform brings together cannabis cultivators, producers, retailers and consumers in Thailand to engage one another in smart weed delivery, education and edification. We are growing a community to make sense of the Thai cannabis revolution and cannabis legal reform with Thai characteristics.

Cannabox’s mission is to set new and higher standards for information, education and consumer-centered policies and practices surrounding Thai herb. So we prioritize growing the Cannabox community — our small part in the new worldwide cannabis community. Joining Cannabox remains free and open to anyone who thinks that maintaining and strengthening full herbal freedom for adults in Thailand is a good idea.

Is Cannabox a weed shop?

No. Cannabox is not a weed store; it is part retail cannabis marketplace platform that helps licensed retailers handle the delivery process and is part educational community. The platform is based on advanced, proprietary software that generates the optimized interface for consumers and private, licensed dispensaries/clinics in Thailand.

Is it legal to order cannabis online in Thailand?

In the right circumstances, it is legal to order cannabis online. Yes. This one requires some common sense. Questions you as a consumer must get answered are: Are they licensed to sell cannabis to begin with? Is it a real, brick-and-mortar dispensary? What kind of reviews do they have? How far away is the dispensary or clinic? Have you gone past it previously, so you know where it is? Do they require proof of age?

Once the answers line up, as things stand as of this writing, placing a smart order is not illegal.

All dispensaries and clinics at the Cannabox Flower Festival have represented that they have or are about to obtain all mandatory licenses, that they require proof of age, and are in normal brick-and-mortar dispensaries.

Where do you deliver weed in Thailand?

Currently, Cannabox is in Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket. Technically, Cannabox does not deliver anything. Think of Cannabox as the big convention at the arena for the weekend. This is a digital version of that, it just never closes down since, you know, the internet.

But: it will seem like Cannabox delivers. That is because the consumer’s interaction with local dispensaries is wrapped in Cannabox’s seamless platform from initial browsing to final delivery.

What is the minimum age to buy cannabis products?

The minimum age to buy cannabis products in Thailand is 20.

How long does Cannabox weed delivery take?

Think of food delivery time. Now subtract the time it takes to prepare your food and add back the time it takes to prepare your cannabis order. Now subtract the time it takes to get your food from A to B. 

Now add drive time from your dispensary and you would have a pretty good guess if not for the wildcard, that is, a dispensary that is very new to the platform and may not have procedures implemented and cause delays. 

Thanks to Food Panda rider network, Cannabox guarantees on-demand delivery; realistically, the normal or typical delivery time will range from 20 to 60 minutes. You can always ask the people who work at the place you are browsing in.

What is Cannabox’s long-term motivation?

Everyone on the core Cannabox team is passionate about Thai herb and passionate about keeping legal reforms in place in Thailand. We aim to ensure continued easy access to preferred medications via the most advanced platform-to-consumer delivery software in Asia. And we also intend to carry on learning the truth about cannabis and sharing that truth within the Cannabox community and all those it touches.

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