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Where to Buy Weed in Khon Kaen: Top 10 Cannabis Shops

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Are you looking for where to buy weed in Khon Kaen? A charming city located in Thailand’s Isaan region, is celebrated for its lively local culture and home to the esteemed Khon Kaen University, is on the brink of transformation with plans for a “smart city” in progress. Amidst this dynamic urban landscape, a new wave of residents has emerged—the local cannabis dispensaries. Their presence marks a significant addition to Khon Kaen’s ever-evolving cityscape, contributing to the city’s consistent diversification.

All In Weed

Upon entering All In Weed Cannabis Dispensary, the ambiance instantly transforms into that of a trendy bar. Instead of beer taps, a row of weed display jars lines the counter, and shelves showcase an array of bongs in place of traditional alcohol bottles. The establishment is particularly inviting for nocturnal weed enthusiasts, creating an atmosphere best experienced during the nighttime. All In Weed’s unique setup mirrors that of a stylish bar, providing a distinctive setting for those seeking an evening of relaxation and enjoyment.

Situated on Ruen Rom Road, All In Weed stands out with its vibrant red store sign, drawing attention whether you’re strolling on foot or passing by in a car. The dispensary doesn’t just stop at being noticeable; it thrives in creating a serene and welcoming atmosphere. Stepping inside, customers are immediately greeted by an air of relaxation, where those inclined to savor their cannabis in-store can easily request rolling papers and bongs thoughtfully provided by the dispensary. All In Weed ensures that every visitor feels at ease, making the experience of exploring their cannabis offerings a seamless and enjoyable one.

Khonkaen Weed

Khon Kaen city offers a more chilled out slow pace country vibe, a polar opposite of Bangkok, you don’t get the urban fast pace life in Khon Kaen City. It is also an ideal city to have dispensaries like Kohnkaen Weed, to add to the already slow pace country vibe. Located in the Phiman Condo Park, Khonkaen Weed is a cozy and humble dispensary with a down to earth vibe, where anyone who visits will always be greeted by the humble and down to earth staff of Khonkaen Weed. The dispensary is reminiscent of a general store or a neighborhood community store, very modest yet has so much to give.  

Khonkaen Weed’s main objective, is to provide smokers and tokers with the best premium quality bud, this dispensary takes great care of their buds to ensure that their customers may get the best quality of Purple Punch and California Snow after leaving the dispensary, or customers may roll a joint of Planet of the Grapes and enjoy a social smoke while they’re there. Khonkaen Weed is in an ideal location where the atmosphere is always mellow, a great place to enjoy a joint and immerse oneself in the slow paced vibes.

Siam High Weed

Infusing urban hip-hop vibes with a touch of minimalism, Siam High Weed emerges as a modern and stylish dispensary harmonizing with the energetic atmosphere of Khonkaen. Located on Ro Pho Cho Khon Kaen road, the dispensary grabs attention with its storefront sign featuring a lion donning sunglasses—an easily attention grabbing sight  for those passing by.

Inside the cozy confines of Siam High Weed, an intentional emphasis on minimalistic interior design prevents the compact space from feeling crowded. The dispensary enhances the ambiance by playing music throughout the store, creating a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere. As patrons step into Siam High Weed for the first time, their attention is immediately drawn to the high-quality buds elegantly displayed in transparent jars. Among the available strains are enticing options like Gorilla Glue, Black Diamond, and Olympia, offering customers a diverse selection for their enjoyment.

Mee Cha Cannabis&Bong

With a name as straightforward as Mee Cha Cannabis and Bong, passersby already know what this dispensary has to offer.  Standing on Ban Kok road, Mee Cha positions itself as a go-to destination for premium buds and an extensive selection of glassware, ensuring patrons have access to the right bud and the right equipment.

For many stoners, selecting the perfect bong can be an exhausting chore. This is where Mee Cha Cannabis and Bong steps in to assist customers in finding the ideal bongs that fits perfectly with their customers’ personal preferences. As patrons explore the bong selection, they can also simultaneously browse through Mee Cha’s diverse bud inventory, featuring strains such as Purple OG, Truffle Butter, and Red Cherry.  

Dexter Cannabis

Catering to cannabis users around the clock, Dexter Cannabis proudly extends its services 24 hours a day, emphasizing a commitment to providing the finest locally sourced flowers for its clientele. Positioned on Yothathikan Road, Dexter Cannabis distinguishes itself not only through its thriving business but also by surpassing the typical dispensary model, ensuring accessibility for customers at all hours.

Reflecting the laid-back vibes of a country town, Dexter Cannabis seamlessly fits into Khonkaen’s vibrant city with its unassuming and modest layout. This humble dispensary offers a straightforward and inviting interior, creating a welcoming atmosphere for patrons at any time of the day. The incorporated smoking area within the dispensary is equipped with essentials such as bongs, cutting boards, and other in-store smoking devices. Dexter Cannabis takes pride in its variety of strains, including Bubblegum, Girl Scout Cookie, and Blueberry, providing an added dimension to the convenience and charm of this 24/7 cannabis haven.

One Love 420 Store

When it comes to dispensaries that embody the true stoner vibes, just picture the feeling of kicking back at a friend’s place where anything goes with genuine pure welcome and good vibes. That’s exactly what One Love 420 Store in Khonkaen embodies. It’s more than a dispensary; it’s a space crafted by stoners, for stoners. Here, like-minded individuals converge for laid-back and enjoyable smoke sessions, even pick up a guitar and jam out, be it with a group of friends or fellow patrons. The atmosphere is not just about cannabis; it’s about fostering connections and having a good time.

The inside of One Love 420 Store is seen as a stoner’s haven, munchie snacks for all preferences, indoor and outdoor seating areas for any kind of smoke session, and smoking accessories easily available, but to make anyone’s experience at One Love 420 a full circle, you also need some fine quality bud also available at the main counter. One Love 420 Store is a very vibrant and fun dispensary, ideal for social gatherings, they even have acoustic musical instruments for their customers to entertain themselves with.

420 Care

Right in the heart of Koh Kaen city center stands 420 Care, a dispensary that puts a spotlight on the medical and health benefits of cannabis. With a clear mission of offering cannabis consumers top-notch buds for a clean and elevated experience. The professional team working front of house doesn’t just sell cannabis; they’re equipped to provide customers with valuable insights and information about the products on offer, ensuring a knowledgeable and helpful experience.

Stepping into 420 Care feels like entering a well-stocked pharmacy rather than your typical dispensary. This intentional design perfectly aligns with 420 Care’s mission of delivering clean and top-quality cannabis. 420 Care provides a notably clean smoking experience, and their inventory has strains like El Chapo, Grandpa Cookies, Dude Nukem, and Ethis Cookies, these strains are also displayed on their social media page.  At 420 Care, it’s not merely about “picking up some green”; rather an establishment woven with professionalism, a dedication to health, and a commitment to delivering a well rounded experience. 


Located conveniently on Ammat Road just before Soi 4, KCannabis opens its doors as a welcoming escape from the bustling city life. What makes this dispensary stand out is its spacious and seemingly impromptu chill-out area—an ideal spot for patrons to extend their visit beyond a mere buying experience. 

The expansive chill-out area sets the stage for a relaxed and social ambiance, carefully arranged tables and seating, a ping pong table for a touch of friendly competition, and a fully stocked bar offering refreshments to complement your joint or bong session. Amidst this laid-back setting, KCannabis stands ready to provide patrons with top-quality buds. It’s not merely a dispensary; it’s the go-to destination for those who seek a social and enjoyable environment while savoring premium weed. 

High Style Weed Shop

In the post-legalization era, a plethora of dispensaries emerged, with big names capitalizing on the newfound legality. Amidst this landscape, a notable category of establishments has thrived—community-based dispensaries. These are not just contributors to the cannabis community but vital hubs providing herbal goodness to their local neighborhoods. High Style Weed Shop stands out as one of these ‘grassroots’ dispensaries, where the staff embodies a neighborly charm that feels like familiar faces from your own community.

Nestled in a residential area of Kohnkaen, High Style Weed Shop takes on the appearance of a “local neighborhood store.” The down-to-earth staff creates an inviting atmosphere, ensuring every patron feels right at home. The dispensary goes beyond the transaction, offering a cozy in-store smoking area for those who wish to linger and soak in the community vibes. High Style Weed Shop isn’t just a dispensary; it’s akin to dropping by your next-door neighbor’s for a laid-back and enjoyable smoke.

Monster Plant Dispensary

Situated in the city center of Khonkaen and conveniently within walking distance from Hugz Mall, Monster Plant Dispensary serves as a go-to destination for cannabis users searching for  everything they need to elevate their smoking sessions. The dispensary does their best to  provide a wide  selection of cannabis and cannabis products, ensuring it caters to the diverse preferences of their customers.

Named aptly as Monster Plant Dispensary, the establishment not only hints at its expansive inventory but also reflects its commitment to providing a broad spectrum of options. As customers step through the doors, they are welcomed into a space where their every cannabis-related need can be met. From essential smoking accessories like rolling papers, glass bongs, and pipes to a delectable array of edibles, including brownies, cannabis-infused craft sodas, and a variety of gummies.  Monster Plant Dispensary maintains a commitment to quality and quantity in its bud inventory. Strains such as Blue Sunset Sherbet, Peyote Gorilla, Candy Dawg, and Muffin Runtz make up the wider range of buds available at Monster Plant Dispensary. 


Khonkaen’s cannabis scene is lively and vibrant, each offering its own unique atmosphere. You’ve got places with a trendy nightlife feel, spots for laid-back sessions, and others with a more modern touch, even a dispensary that’s open around the clock. Some locations are all about good vibes and communal hangs, while others focus on holistic healthcare and wellbeing. There are places ideal to chill and socialize, and others establishments inadvertently became impromptu hangout spots. These local Khonkaen dispensaries have created a diverse and vibrant cannabis culture in Khonkaen.

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