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Where to Buy Weed in Surat Thani Town: Top 6 Cannabis Shops

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Surat Thani Town is the jumping-off point to the fantastic islands of Samui, Koh Phangan, and Koh Tao, pulling in a crowd of young adventurers hungry for island vibes. Thanks to Thailand’s recent weed legalization, the town’s got an extra chill factor; now, travelers can explore local shops and soak in the laid-back culture; this town has become more than just a quick stop before hitting the islands; it’s a chance to grab essentials from nearby spots for those long ferry rides. While strolling through the town’s charm, it transforms from a mere transit point to a lively hub, making it the perfect kickstart for a relaxed start to an island journey. These are the top 10 dispensaries in Surat Thani Town, where travelers can stock up for their long ferry rides, pick up some green, and explore the town’s vibrant attractions.

Tropical Cannabis Culture & Bar [ Royal Highness Farm Weed Store ]

Situated in the heart of Surat Thani Town, Tropical Cannabis Culture & Bar is a vibrant force shaping the local nightlife at Surat Thani Town. With its distinguished red facade, it stands as a beacon for those seeking premium-quality buds to pair with the drinks offered at the bar. The outdoor smoking area offers visitors a sneak peek into the establishment’s vibrant ambiance. Stepping inside reveals not just a vibrant but happily boisterous atmosphere, inviting for everyone who enters.

This establishment goes beyond the ordinary bar experience, featuring a welcoming bar counter stocked with essential smoking supplies, lively music blaring throughout the bar, and a carefully curated selection of high-quality buds. Tropical Cannabis Culture & Bar introduces patrons to a cannabis haven featuring strains like the distinctive Banana Purple Punch and White Runtz. These carefully chosen strains enhance the overall experience, guaranteeing a relaxing atmosphere complemented by an exquisite array of cannabis options that pair seamlessly with the drinks at the bar. It is the ultimate destination for those who cherish a night out that seamlessly blends fun and relaxation.

HighSiam by Badtayak (บาดทะยัก)

Surat Thani town’s distinct historical aesthetics form the backbone of its identity, positioning it prominently among the Thai southern provinces. HighSiam, a contemporary dispensary in Surat Thani town, expertly melds with the surrounding old-timey charm, becoming an integral part of the historical aesthetic that characterizes this small town.

Spotting HighSiam amid the historical backdrop requires a discerning eye. The dispensary seamlessly blends into the vintage town aesthetics, resembling any classic store from the exterior. However, a closer look reveals its unique character, especially when you step inside and discover the buds menu hung on the back wall for the world to see. HighSiam, though modest in appearance, emanates tranquil yet lively vibes, offering a distinctive experience where historical charm converges with contemporary cannabis culture. Among the strains enhancing this experience are Blue Sunset, Gas Basket, GMO Cookies, and Moonshine Haze, catering to diverse preferences and further enriching HighSiam’s appeal.

Ganja Land Surat Thani

Ganjaland Surat Thani, situated in the city center of Surat Thani town in walking distance from Sri Tapee Bridge, Tapi Riverside Walk, and Surat Thani City Pillar Shrine, is truly a haven for cannabis users; Ganjaland is a true stoner’s supply store, with an extensive array of strains, Ganjaland caters to diverse preferences. However, what sets it apart is not just the variety of cannabis but also the vast inventory of smoking equipment available, making it a one-stop shop for those seeking both convenience and choice.

The name Ganjaland aptly reflects the dispensary’s extensive collection of cannabis-related products, inviting visitors with an overwhelming display of items. Shelves are lined with an endless array of bongs and pipes, while various brands of rolling papers are neatly stacked at the main display counter. Even the most specific items, such as bong stems and bowls, are abundant. Ganjaland’s vast strain menu, which includes options like Black Dog, Super Skunk, Rufio, and Jungle Pie, perfectly complements its extensive inventory. True to its name, Ganjaland is dedicated to providing copious amounts of premium-quality buds and an extensive selection of smoking equipment, making it an ideal stoner’s supply store.

The Smoker’s Library

For those who savor the leisure of sparking up a joint or two, there’s unanimous agreement on the importance of finding an ideal location—a quiet, tranquil space that not only relaxes the body but also soothes the mind. Enter The Smoker’s Library on Talad Mai Road, a dispensary that epitomizes the perfect atmosphere for a serene and enjoyable smoking experience. Spotting this haven is a breeze once you’re on Talad Mai Road, thanks to its green facade reminiscent of a bookstore, serving as a distinctive identifier.

Inside The Smoker’s Library, a calm and relaxing atmosphere awaits, akin to the peaceful moments one might associate with morning coffee or soothing afternoon tea. The environment mirrors a bookstore, offering a haven where your mind can unwind. The already soothing, calm, and relaxing warmth of The Smoker’s Library is further enhanced, creating an ambiance that beckons patrons to linger and enjoy the tranquility of this unique space.

Smokey’s Surat Thani

Smokey’s in Surat Thani Town stands as one of the four branches of Smokey’s Weed & Cannabis, and accurate to the Smokey’s brand, this Surat Thani branch boldly asserts itself. Situated on Talad Mai Road, the store sign with the franchise’s logo serves as an identifier, and the green exterior reinforces the presence of Smokey’s in the area.

Smokey’s Surat Thani Town branch displays a bright and vibrant setting, solidifying its brand as a lively and spirited establishment that welcomes customers with uplifting vibes. The store layout is straightforward, ensuring easy navigation through Smokey’s versatile inventory. Noteworthy features include a storefront smoking area and designated table space, catering to customers eager to sample their purchases on-site. Staying true to Smokey’s commitment to offering the best selection, the Surat Thani branch lives up to the brand’s reputation, presenting patrons with choices like Black Dog, Florida Kush, Lemon Tree, and White Runts.

Rare Item Cannabis

The term “rare item” takes on new significance as the namesake of a Surat Thani cannabis dispensary, infusing the establishment with an aura of value and reverence reminiscent of role-playing game quests. Positioned on the left after crossing the Sri Tapee Bridge from Nameung Road, Rare Item Cannabis invites those searching for a unique cannabis experience to embark on a quest to discover its extra-special bud collection. The dispensary’s name serves as a beacon for enthusiasts, guiding them to a destination where the ordinary is left behind and the extraordinary awaits.

Rare Item Cannabis displays an outstanding bud variety and creates a unique atmosphere. The inside exudes a blend of entertainment, playfulness, humility, and simplicity, forming a welcoming space for exploration. The super laid-back staff further enhances the experience, providing an implied assurance that every visitor is greeted as a friend. Beyond well-stocked smoking gear and accessories, the dispensary’s true treasures are the “rare discoveries” – distinct strains like Code Red, Sugar Cane, 100K, and Banana Cake that make up Rare Item Cannabis’ collection. A visit promises impressive products and a memorable journey into the world of exceptional cannabis.


Surat Thani maybe a crossroad for tourists to venture to the islands but that doesn’t mean the city has nothing to offer, on the contrary Surat Thani has proved to be a city where dispensaries can thrive, whether it is a dispensary with a bar for folks wanting a drink to pair with their joints, a playful whimsical dispensary that openly and warmly  welcomes customers, and even a tranquil dispensary reminiscent of a quiet library. With the constant rise of Thai cannabis, it is safe to say that Surat Thani town will have more cannabis establishments in the near future, with dispensaries that were mentioned being symbols of another potential stronghold for Thai cannabis.

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