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Where to Buy Weed in Krabi: Top 10 Cannabis Shops

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Krabi has become known for its natural attractions with its national parks and serene beaches since the surge in tourism in Thailand during the late ’90s. Global travelers flock to Krabi to marvel at its natural wonders, and it serves as a starting point for exploring other famous island destinations such as Koh Lanta and Koh Phi Phi. With its serene natural backdrop, Krabi offers a peaceful setting that pairs well with joint enjoyment. Here are the Top 10 cannabis dispensaries in Krabi that provide a comprehensive guide to where to buy weed in Krabi for experience seekers.

Selection Criteria

The selection of these top 10 cannabis dispensaries in Krabi is based on various factors, including the uniqueness of the dispensary’s image, the quality of the products offered, the atmosphere and vibe of the establishment, accessibility, and customer reviews. Each dispensary has its own distinct characteristics that contribute to the overall cannabis experience, making them stand out in Krabi’s growing cannabis culture.

Weed Shop Boys

Weed Shop Boys stands out among the numerous dispensaries with its distinct image, making them unique in the cannabis community. Located near Makro Ao Nang and sharing space with Boy Tattoo Studio, this dispensary embraces an amalgamation of urban street vibes and cannabis culture, shown throughout.

Unlike typical dispensaries, Weed Shop Boys goes beyond its connection with a tattoo studio. Instead, it projects an image rooted in punk rock, urban skate culture, and an overall laid-back atmosphere. The dispensary’s setting resembles the backdrop of skateboarding videos and scenes from punk rock music culture. Weed Shop Boys takes pride in showcasing locally grown products, offering customers a choice among strains like Black Devil, Truffles, and Candy Fire. Visiting this dispensary promises a fun experience reminiscent of the punk rock skateboarding scene from the early 2000s.


Conveniently situated adjacent to Lotus Supermarket, White Lily Dispensary offers comprehensive service to customers at the Lotus Aonang location. White Lily provides an excellent in-store delivery service for those unable to visit the physical dispensary. Whether customers are present at Lotus Aonang or opting for delivery, White Lily ensures accessibility to their top-quality buds.

Despite the small beach cabana or snack kiosk appearance, White Lily’s structure is deceiving. The interior of the modest black kiosk is far from simple. Customers stepping inside will be amazed by the dispensary’s extensive shelves displaying various smoking equipment and accessories, neatly organized beside rows of weed jars and small containers, including bouquets and pre-rolls. One prominently featured strain at this dispensary is the White Lily strain itself.

Get High Cafe

Situated in Krabi Town, Get High Dispensary is a must-visit cannabis shop known for its unique and laid-back vibe. This cozy spot offers a diverse selection of cannabis products, ranging from edibles to drinks, ensuring a comprehensive experience for enthusiasts. The welcoming and super chill owners provide excellent service, making it a favorite among locals and tourists. The atmosphere at Get High is described as comfortable and chill, featuring fully furnished cottages and a rooftop space that elevates cannabis enjoyment. Customers can choose from various grades of flowers while taking in the incredible evening sky. The dispensary is well-equipped with a smoking room and a rooftop option, allowing patrons to customize their experience.

Get High Dispensary stands out as the inaugural premium-grade cannabis cafe in Krabi province, offering not only a diverse array of cannabis products but also a comfortable and inviting atmosphere. With foreigner-friendly service, affordable prices, and aesthetically pleasing packaging, Get High is a top choice for those seeking a quality and enjoyable cannabis experience in Krabi.

RG420 x Pete Cannabis store Aonang, Krabi

The beach, the tropical sunshine, and some good herbs, the most popular combination that goes hand in hand with Thailand’s various beach and island getaways, many dispensaries in beach towns like RG420, located in the Ao Nang district of Krabi, can provide customers at this beach destination the perfect herb for enjoying a nice spark up on the beach under the tropical sunshine.

RG420 offers not only exceptional quality buds but also an extensive selection of cannabis smoking equipment and accessories. This dispensary provides excellent buds, extensive equipment, and convenience. Their location is within walking distance of Ao Nang Beach, making it a convenient stop for those on their way to the beach. The modern and urban ambiance of RG420’s storefront makes it stand out and noticeable, serving as a notable landmark for anyone en route to Aonang Beach. At RG420, customers can expect a diverse range of buds, with strains such as White Grapes, Runtz of Eden, Jack Skellington, and Grape Diamond. Additionally, RG420 caters to those searching for smoking devices, offering options like travel-sized wooden steam chalices, compact glass bongs, and an array of rolling papers.  So, if anyone is on their way to enjoy the tropical sunshine at Aonang Beach and needs to grab a few things for a relaxing beachside smoking session, RG420 is ready to provide.

Makan Cannabis

Ask any cannabis user what they love about cannabis culture, and you’ll likely get the same answer every time: the sense of community. In Thailand, numerous dispensaries embrace this culture by offering various services and creating communal spaces. One such example is Makan Cannabis, situated on Maharaj Road in Krabi. This dispensary exemplifies what it means to participate actively in the Thai cannabis community.

Makan Cannabis welcomes visitors, from its friendly and down-to-earth staff to its inviting facilities. One notable feature is the smoking hut at the back of the dispensary. This outdoor space provides a unique atmosphere and showcases a selection of buds available for convenient purchase, perfect for enhancing the smoke sessions in Makan Cannabis’ “backyard.” Strains like Lemon Tree, Jelly Cake, King Bling, and Joker are among the options for these sessions. Makan Cannabis is dedicated to fostering a sense of community for its patrons, offering them a welcoming space, such as the backyard hut filled with buds for extended smoke sessions. With the accommodating and approachable staff, visitors know that once they step into Makan Cannabis, they are among friends.

Knock Out Labs

Located on Khlong Hand Road in Ao Nang, Krabi, Knock Out Labs makes a powerful statement with a name that resonates with the strength and potency of the buds they sell; the dispensary is synonymous with potent weed that genuinely lives up to its name. The diverse selection of strains, such as Grape Slurri, Supremium, Gorilla Punch, and Mandarin Cookies, reflects Knock Out Labs’ aim to provide patrons with stellar quality buds. The welcoming staff ensures a chill space where patrons can enjoy fantastic music and a laid-back environment. The shop stands out for its incredible prices and knockout, potent weed.

Knock Out Labs provides an extensive selection of high-quality weed and cultivates an engaging atmosphere. The friendly staff, including the two owners, ensures a warm welcome and a homey feel as soon as you enter the door. Customers will appreciate the shop’s commitment to creating a chill space with great vibes and people. Whether you’re seeking a leisurely spot to hang out, enjoy excellent music, or engage in friendly conversations with a bit of their “knockout quality” buds,  Knock Out Labs offers it all.

Cannabis’s Supershop

Enter the realm of Cannabis’s Supershop, where the designation “Supershop” transcends a mere title—it symbolizes a commitment to a comprehensive cannabis experience. This establishment is situated on Khongka Road, opposite the lively Chaofah Park, and offers a wide array. Representing a homage to all facets of cannabis culture, the supershop provides an extensive range, encompassing smoking essentials, an assortment of strains, and delectable edibles.

Envision a meticulously organized inventory of cannabis offerings thoughtfully presented to facilitate an engaging and straightforward exploration, all within the confines of an intimate dispensary setting. At Cannabis’s Supershop, the focus extends beyond the products; it involves curating a complete experiential journey. Whether your quest involves acquiring the perfect pipe, exploring a new bong, or securing ideal rolling papers, this super shop caters to your diverse smoking requirements. But there’s more to discover—it’s not solely about the paraphernalia; it’s about discovering the ideal strain to elevate your sessions. After your purchase, relax within the designated smoking room, introducing a social and laid-back dimension to your visit. Cannabis’s Supershop transcends its role as a dispensary; it is a dynamic establishment dedicated to delivering premium service with a touch of enjoyment. Immerse yourself in a realm of exceptional strains—Mandarin Cookies, Jelly Breath, Kush Cake, and the formidable Gorilla are poised for your exploration. It’s more than a shop; it’s an expedition into the essence of cannabis sophistication.

High Season Wellness, Cannabis Dispensary, Aonang

High Season Wellness Cannabis Dispensary distinguishes itself in the lively vicinity of Aonang Beach, offering a serene retreat within easy walking distance. Amidst an active nightlife scene, the dispensary provides an alternative for those seeking a more relaxed evening. Whether you wish to avoid the hustle of the nightlife crowd or simply desire a laid-back social experience, High Season Wellness welcomes visitors to unwind and connect with like-minded individuals.

Located on the main road connecting Aonang Beach to Modern Marche, the dispensary is easily spotted by its distinctive red-colored store sign, acting as a beacon for those searching for a different experience. The cozy and spacious setting further enhances its appeal, attracting intentional patrons and curious passersby. Within this inviting space, High Season Wellness offers a curated selection of premium cannabis strains, including varieties such as Apple Licious, Supremium, Slurricane IX, Apes in Space, and V6 Haze. Whether you are a seasoned enthusiast or a novice explorer, the dispensary provides a comfortable environment to discover and enjoy a diverse range of high-quality strains. This laid-back atmosphere and thoughtfully curated selection establish the High Season Wellness Cannabis Dispensary as a standout destination in the bustling Aonang Beach area.


Nestled in the heart of the active nightlife area in Aonang, Greenzone 420 is a modest yet welcoming dispensary with a café setting. It is located beside the Ao-nang Sunset Hotel and is close to Aonang Beach. The warm and inviting atmosphere of Greenzone 420 stands out, providing an alternative for those seeking a departure from the usual vibrancy and fast-paced nature of the surrounding nightlife.

The minimalist café aesthetic of Greenzone 420 offers a refreshing change for individuals in the Aonang area. Instead of the bustling nightlife, patrons can enjoy a more relaxed experience here, where they can sit down and unwind with a quality joint. Functioning as one of the many one-stop dispensaries in Thailand, Greenzone 420 focuses on the essentials, offering vital products such as buds and smoking accessories. Notably, customers can sample their purchases on the premises, making it an inviting space for those looking to enjoy their selections immediately. As an appealing alternative to the energetic nightlife in Aonang, Greenzone 420 allows visitors to explore various weed strains, including LA Banana Cake, Bruce Banner, Blue Sherbet, and Gouda Berry, right after making in-store purchases.

HIGH-BRO Cannabis Dispensary & Weed Shop

Anyone knows that in every smoke session, all the essentials must be present: buds, grinder, rolling papers, pipes, and bongs, but now and then, one of the mentioned items is either lost, broken, or short on supply, most people go into a state of panic wondering, how am I going to smoke or what am I going to smoke. Dispensaries such as High-Bro Cannabis Dispensary and Weed Shop exist so that folks missing one of those items don’t go into a complete meltdown.

Located in the Khlongmuang area of Krabi, High-Bro’s dispensary is at Phu Ngon Nak Viewhouse; anyone going in that direction can’t miss the building. High-Bro’s store sign is brightly lit, letting folks know they are open for business. High-Bro has a plethora of cannabis products, accessories, and in-store merchandise, meaning anyone can find whatever is missing from their smoke session essentials. And if the missing essentials are potent good time-inducing buds, High-Bro’s neatly displayed jars are there for customers to select; strains like Color of Space, Colt 45, London Pound Cake, Eleven Rose, and Watermelon OG, are available for High-Bro’s customers to partake, either for a home smoke session or in-store smoke session in the allocated smoking area provided.


Krabi’s cannabis scene has evolved into a diverse and vibrant culture, blending the enjoyment of nature with the pleasure of cannabis. The top 10 dispensaries listed above offer a range of experiences, from the urban street vibes of Weed Shop Boys to the laid-back premium-grade cannabis cafe experience at Get High Dispensary. Whether you’re a seasoned enthusiast or a curious explorer, Krabi’s cannabis shops cater to diverse preferences, ensuring a memorable and enjoyable experience.

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