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Where to Buy Weed in Hua Hin: Top 10 Cannabis Shops

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Wondering where to buy weed in Hua Hin? A charming beach town in Thailand, is an ideal destination for those seeking a tranquil and peaceful getaway. With its clean beaches and serene ambiance, Hua Hin offers a perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. Visitors can relax on the pristine shores, enjoying the soothing sound of the waves and the fresh sea breeze. However, in recent years, this once idyllic haven has seen a unique change, with cannabis dispensaries appearing after the legalization of the plant, adding a distinctive touch to this otherwise serene locale.

Weed Point

Located conveniently on soi 88 en route to the breathtaking Khao Hin Lek Fai viewpoint lies a haven for cannabis connoisseurs – Weed Point, offering a curated selection of top-tier weed without the fuss. Their top-shelf flowers ensure a premium experience, catering to those with discerning tastes. While quality comes at a price, its guaranteed value for your money, with competitive prices that are the one of best in Hua Hin.

How to order: In-store & Text Message
Opening hours: 10-00 – 22-00 
Other branches: Weed Point Railway
Address: 20/239 Soi West Railway Village, Hua Hin, PKK, Thailand, 77110
Languages spoken: English, Thai, Russian
Budtender rating: 10/10
Payment options: Cash, QR Code
Products: Buds, Accessories, Edibles
Cheapest strain: Classic shelf is 250 baht, Exotic is 400 baht 
Most expensive strain: 400 baht

Step into Weed Point’s welcoming space and be greeted by friendly, multilingual staff who are fluent in English, Thai, and Russian. Their expertise ensures you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for, whether you’re a seasoned enthusiast or a curious newcomer.

Highnabis Hua Hin

Highnabis Hua Hin resembles a boutique store one would find in a luxury mall. Located on Naebkahardt Road, this dispensary offers both the finest curated flowers as well as a relaxing atmosphere with a touch of class. The modern and stylish dispensary is very well equipped ready to accommodate customers that walks through the door, with enough space for a cafe space for customers who desire to sample their purchase in store.l

It is a guarantee for anyone who visits Highnabis that the dispensary had painstakingly curated the best quality flowers to add to their bud inventory which includes strains like Ice Cream Sundae, Gas Mama, Pure Michigan, and Grape Funk. Highnabis Huahin is able to capture the essence of the slow beach life, and brought it into their boutique dispensary. 

Sud Yod Ganja

Located on highway 4, right across from Wat Klai Kangwon, Sud Yod Ganja lives up to its namesake, which translates to “excellent,” “superb,” and “spectacular” in Thai. This dispensary sets the bar high with its exceptional services and a superb selection of cannabis products. As soon as customers step into Sud Yod Ganja, they’ll find themselves echoing the “sud yod” expression, as it’s evident that this establishment is dedicated to providing top-notch cannabis experiences. With cannabis items prominently displayed, a carefully laid-out bud selection available for customers’ inspection, and lush green walls adorning the interior, Sud Yod Ganja leaves no doubt that it means serious business when it comes to cannabis.

Sud Yod Ganja goes the extra mile to delight its customers with a wide range of offerings. From enticing promotions like “buy any 5 grams and get 1 for free” with the freedom to choose any strain they desire, to live music on select evenings, which complements the fun, vibrant, and relaxing atmosphere, this dispensary truly knows how to elevate the cannabis experience. Moreover, the spacious area provided ensures that customers can comfortably prepare their purchases for a laid-back smoke session, making Sud Yod Ganja the ultimate destination for both cannabis connoisseurs and those looking for a memorable and enjoyable cannabis experience. 

Fat Jim Premium Cannabis

One of the joys of smoking weed is the comfort and relaxation that comes from a smoke session. Equally important is the location one chooses for this experience, a place where people can feel safe and comfortable. Fat Jim Premium Cannabis is one such place where any stoner can feel at ease while sparking a joint. Resembling a clubhouse or a den,Fat Jim Premium Cannabis features comfortable lounge chairs and a spacious layout that accommodates various seating areas, establishing an ideal setting for a relaxed, club-house-like atmosphere.

Staying true to its name, Fat Jim Premium Cannabis ensures that their lounging customers have access to the best premium cannabis meticulously sourced by the dispensary’s staff. Customers may select from a range of options, including Black Cherry Gelato, Extreme Cheese, Columbian Gold, and Oisii Moon Bowl for their in-house smoke sessions, eliminating the need to wait until they get home. This haven for stoners prioritizes a relaxing smoking experience, with the dispensary’s staff dedicated to accommodating customers throughout their purchasing journey and ensuring they feel comfortable and relaxed within the already soothing environment.

Huahin Kale-Biz

Huahin Kale Biz takes a more humble approach to cannabis, not only cultivating their own high-quality buds but also managing their business as a family endeavor. Located on a private residential property, Kale-Biz offers a unique atmosphere that makes visitors feel as though they are heading to a friend’s place for a smoke session. The dispensary’s homely surroundings provide a warm and inviting sight, with garden chairs arranged for visitors to enjoy their smoke sessions in the open air on the lush lawn.

As a family-run business, Huahin Kale-Biz is dedicated to extending a humble and warm welcome to guests on their residential property. Beyond the inviting ambiance, this establishment grows and sells high-quality buds, including varieties such as Sugarcane, Tropical Nugget, and Bruce Banner. The family’s commitment to both hospitality and cultivating top-notch cannabis creates a unique experience for visitors seeking a welcoming and quality-driven atmosphere.


There is nothing more welcoming for a smoke session than comfortable couches and cushioned seats where you know you’re not going to be going anywhere for a few hours, this is the first sight anyone who visits WEED House in Hua Hin would see. The cozy dispensary has a vibe reminiscent of  being in your friend’s living room for a smoke session, you will feel at home sparking a joint at WEED House.

WEED House can also be described as a dispensary “built by stoners for stoners” as well, apart from the creature comfort evident in the living room atmosphere, staff at WEED House will accommodate anyone who has a smoke session at dispensary with hot coffee and other small refreshments to make a smoke session more complete. The buds provided at WEED House goes well with their comfortable laid back setting, their customers can choose from strains such as

O2 – Hua Hin Cannabis Club

Nestled along Hua Hin soi 53, the dispensary effortlessly stands out with its stylish and welcoming aura, predominantly conveyed through a vibrant red color scheme. This distinctive tone not only adorns the interior but also serves as a beacon on the storefront, ensuring the dispensary’s visibility to anyone strolling down the street. The bold red hue acts like a magnetic signal, instantly capturing the attention of passersby, establishing the dispensary as a standout landmark in the area.

Transforming the traditional dispensary experience, O2 Hua Hin Cannabis Club beckons patrons with the allure of a sophisticated lounge bar. Its ambiance exudes relaxation, creating an atmosphere that makes it more than just a cannabis dispensary but an exceptional hangout spot. Beyond the extensive variety of strains available, including Purple Widow, Peyote Gorilla, and Cherry Cola, the dispensary enhances its appeal by offering a diverse menu for food and drinks. This unique combination makes O2 Hua Hin Cannabis Club a multifaceted destination, inviting patrons to enjoy not only quality cannabis but also a leisurely experience in a calming environment.

Shiva Cannabis – Weed & Bar

Shiva Cannabis beckons cannabis enthusiasts with its radiant store sign, casting a vibrant glow that acts as a guiding beacon for those in search of quality products. The dispensary maximizes its compact space with a minimalist interior design, creating an environment that efficiently utilizes every corner. Notably, Shiva Cannabis cleverly incorporates a smoking area at the store front, allowing patrons to indulge in their purchases within the confines of the dispensary. This strategic layout enhances the overall experience, blending accessibility with a subtle aesthetic that resonates with the essence of cannabis culture.

Despite its cozy size, Shiva Cannabis boasts an impressive array of essentials, catering to the diverse needs of its customers. The dispensary goes beyond its spatial constraints, offering a comprehensive selection of basic necessities, including bongs, pipes, rolling papers, and an abundance of cannabis buds. Shiva Cannabis distinguishes itself by prioritizing functionality over extravagance, ensuring that every product meets the fundamental requirements of its clientele. While the dispensary may not exude the opulence of high-end bars in Bangkok, it excels in fulfilling the essential needs of its customers. Shiva Cannabis proudly showcases its diverse range of offerings, featuring 15 different strains, such as Lemon Pie and Sugarcane, as revealed on their website, establishing itself as a reliable haven for cannabis enthusiasts seeking both variety and convenience.

Wine &​ Weed

Located in the serene beach town,  Hua Hin, beyond its reputation as a serene beach destination, lies a distinctive establishment that elevates the town’s charm. Wine and Weed, strategically positioned on Phetkasem Road, effortlessly captures attention with its stylish facade. A beacon for those driving by, this sophisticated venue stands as a testament to Hua Hin’s evolving identity. Not merely a restaurant, Wine and Weed is a fusion of class and contemporary allure, offering an exquisite blend of fine dining and the inclusion of cannabis for patrons seeking a unique culinary experience.

Wine and Weed unfolds as a haven for connoisseurs, inviting them into a world where fine dining seamlessly intertwines with the pleasure of cannabis and wine. As you step inside, the ambiance transforms, embracing visitors in the aura of a wine cellar. The extensive wine rack, adorned with an impressive array, sets the stage for an unforgettable experience. Whether relishing a succulent burger or savoring an exquisite glass of merlot, patrons can elevate their experience by pairing their culinary delights with a joint from Wine and Weed’s finest cannabis selection. This unique combination establishes Wine and Weed not just as a restaurant but as a destination where culinary artistry meets the world of cannabis, providing a distinctive and sophisticated retreat in the heart of Hua Hin. 

Craft Weed

Nestled on Hua Hin soi 88, Craft Weed has cultivated a distinctive and welcoming ambiance, positioning itself as a humble and cozy dispensary. Committed to delivering unparalleled quality, Craft Weed proudly showcases its dedication on the website, emphasizing the carefully curated “100% Natural Medical Weed” that establishes it as a reliable source for premium cannabis products. The dispensary team has skillfully crafted an environment that feels like a comfortable and homely retreat, extending a warm invitation to customers in search of the best in cannabis.

Craft Weed transcends the traditional dispensary role by actively contributing to the cannabis community, fostering customer participation and connection. The dispensary’s website features enticing promotions, such as the monthly super lottery that automatically enrolls patrons with purchases as minimal as 1 gram of flowers. Seasonal discounts, reaching up to 50%, enhance Craft Weed’s appeal as a vibrant and engaging destination. These initiatives not only elevate the dispensary experience but also create a sense of communal engagement, transforming Craft Weed into more than just a retail space. Featured strains like Green Pie, Major White, Purple Power, and Bruce Banner further enrich the cannabis exploration, solidifying Craft Weed as a hub for shared experiences and top-tier products.

Paradise Green Hua Hin cannabis

Situated conveniently on Khao Hin Lek Fai road, near the Khao Hin Lek Fai roundabout, Paradise Green Hua Hin presents itself as a modest and approachable dispensary. Drawing attention with its distinctive yellow storefront and a well-lit sign, this unassuming establishment stands out for its simplicity. Upon stepping inside, visitors are enveloped in a humble and homey atmosphere, reminiscent of a friendly suburban café where patrons gather for daily comforts. Paradise Green emanates a welcoming aura, setting the stage for a laid-back and inviting experience.

Beyond its unassuming exterior, Paradise Green offers patrons access to an impressive array of superbly sourced buds. The dispensary takes pride in showcasing locally sourced, high-quality strains such as Hippie Crasher, Emperor Cookies, and Andaman. These strains epitomize the exceptional quality that Paradise Green is known for, providing customers with a diverse selection to cater to individual preferences. Paradise Green stands as a testament to the idea that a humble setting can house extraordinary offerings, creating a space where cannabis enthusiasts can explore and enjoy top-notch selections.


Hua Hin’s cannabis landscape is a mosaic of distinct experiences. Each venue, from boutique luxury to laid-back vibes, offers enthusiasts unique atmospheres. Some emphasize exceptional services, while others create cozy living room settings. Whether blending fine dining with superb cannabis selections or prioritizing quality and community engagement, these dispensaries contribute to a diverse tapestry of choices for an enjoyable cannabis experience in Hua Hin.

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