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Predictions About The Future of Cannabis in Thailand

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The future of cannabis in Thailand is brighter than it has been since its legalization on the ninth of June, 2022. News about Thai cannabis has been filled with controversy over decisions that, today, would be better characterized as pragmatic and effective. 9 months in and everyone in the Thai cannabis business is happy. There are no panels asking what went wrong. No complaints about the heavy hand of government and a lack of freedom. The future of cannabis in Thailand will be calmer, smarter and, assuming no surprise super-taxes, regulations, more profitable.

Health Minister Anutin: Undeterred Advocate for Cannabis in Thailand

Health minister Anutin remains committed to legal weed in Thailand and insists a cannabis bill will be passed AFTER the election in May. The question is how much harm the opposition can bring to cannabis.

No one predicts the opposition will win, but their non-evidence-based insistence that cannabis has “deadly effects” and constitutes “social harm” and “child endangerment” will spread enough neurotic fear to ensure that by Summer, authorities will be actively seeking out non-compliant retailers.

Q: Will any dispensary without a Thai traditional medicine practitioner on staff be in trouble?

A: That very well may be the case. If so, it may also be the case that that person gives you a prescription to buy weed. Many dispensaries have these TTMPs now but prescriptions of any kind have never been needed in dispensaries since the 9th of June 2022.

Q: Will possession of weed become a serious crime again?
A: Not in a million years.

Q: No one needs a prescription to buy weed in Thailand right now? Will you need a prescription to buy weed by Summer?
A: Possibly. This will be the regulation to watch as it COULD have an impact on possession laws. The probability that prescriptions may be required is much higher than that of weed possession being anything other than 100% legal to everyone but those under 20 and the pregnant among us.

Q: Will edibles be illegal
A: They already are, assuming they contain more than a trace of THC.

Meta Question: The opposition says it is OK with medicinal cannabis, just not recreational cannabis. How would that work, now that there are over 3,000 dispensaries that provide over-the-counter fresh flower?

Meta answer: The more stress that distinction undergoes, the closer it gets to finally breaking. The smart move for Anutin here is to reject the distinction and replace it with “use and abuse of over-the-counter weed”. Anutin and his pot party should insist on reminding voters that cannabis in Thailand is all about the Thai tradition that teaches that all weed is medicine and that the real problem is a far too narrow, technocratic, legalistic understanding of medicine.

No canna bill until end of May or early June. No one can say with certainty what the future of cannabis in Thailand will be — we can’t say what the new regulations will be or how well they will be enforced.

Future of Cannabis in Thailand Looks Bright Compared To Everywhere Else

Quotes I like
““The party only supports the use of cannabis for medical purposes,” spokesperson Trichada Sritada told Reuters.”

The spokesperson for Anutin and his party are on the right track. No mention of the word “recreational” (such a stupid adjective anyway). I, in fact, only support the use of cannabis for medical purposes, and I use it more or less daily to keep cool and stay alert and creative; and it really helps me sleep. It’s that simple.

““If there is a cannabis law, we can regulate it 100%,” he said. “But with what we have, we can already regulate it 70%.””

(Again, the same spokesperson.) The remark suggests what those familiar with this astonishing plant already know: Any regulation against cannabis — beyond common sense precautions — is a waste of time and money and is music to the ears of every illegal dealer.

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